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  • haha…hongki want mina..<3

    #drm #hm

    Hongki reaction in 32.10 when the mc asked hongki “Did Hongki want Mina?”

    the original video:

    credit : https://www.facebook.com/LeeHongKiandFujiiMinaFanpage

  • Han Yeo Reum
    I’m most like myself when I’m with you

    Be with someone who makes you most yourself. 

    .i think i lost that person


  • thekpopschool:

    [KPOP/UPDATES] SPICA - Witch’s Diary OST for “Witch Romance”

  • a kiss..a kiss…

    omg..maybe first in my drama history..first episode..

    non awkward yet a great winning kiss…<3

    the 1st episode is kinda fast…on the kiss things..yet <3 it..

    thank god he save her…<3

    can’t wait for ep2…#witch romance

  • wgmcouple:

    Kangin & Yoonji [Wedding photo shoot]

  • ladysorchid:

    2YoungEP33 Heart beating time 

    Wooyoung : The man who’s watch his girl cried, that’s really beat his heart
    Seyoung : The girl who’s can’t control her sadness in front of her man 
    Me : I don’t think this all can be lie, their eyes talk instead of everything, Even it’s so sad but beautiful moment 

    Request by ThanhD & alilla soompi

    PS. Cos Tumblr can’t upload gif over 2.0 MB so I used google+ to help upload ( I love the slow gif, I can saw everything clearly)


    "So Secretly?"

  • shineehappypandas:

    Wooyoung’s message to Seyoung  -  We Got Married 237